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"My connection with the Arapaho is something that I always suspected was past life, but you amazed me by telling me why!!!"
Moshan, Sioux City, IA

"What an incredible reading...and detailed!"
Josette, Seattle, WA

"Some of the things you told me, only a real psychic would know..."
Collin, El Paso, TX

"My intrigue with the alaskan eskimos was validated uniquely through your reading, and I thank you."
Mark, Denver, CO



Indepth and Richly-Detailed
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Tell Me About Regressions

Past life regressions look in a backwards fashion at each of the lifetimes you have lived in. Good regressionists can tell you how many significant lifetimes you've had, the areas or countries where each of those lifetimes occurred, important people and relationships, lessons, issues, what your life was like overall, your mission or spiritual purpose, karma, connections, soul mates, how you died and what unfinished business you may have had with certain people, places, events. They can usually pick up baby soul lifetimes and how old your incarnate soul is. The clearer the vision, the richer the detail.

Regression Trains

A regression train looks backwards at our pastlife connections with a particular person, place or event. This takes considerable detail and expertise, as the reader must sort through all the information to maintain a trail that follows something specific. Sometimes, it is like following the thread of a needle tangled in a haystack. It can be an arduous task, but well worth the results it bears, as it can reveal awesome and profound answers to why we are attracted to certain people in our life, or why we have dejavu when we visit somewhere, or unravel lifelong issues.

Types of Regressions

(general overview of 1-3 lifetimes)

(hits high points of all lifetimes, moderate detail)

(indepth look at all lifetimes)

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